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Protect Your Eyes & Show Off Your Style

Yes, we know, celebrating national sunglasses day is a little lame. Maybe the worst kind of fake Hallmark holiday. But irony and all, we're embracing it. There is some real benefit to understanding UV exposure (even on a cloudy day) and increasing awareness of sun safety all year long. 

So take a quick read, then stock up on a pair of beautiful wooden sunglasses. All WUDN sunglasses have CR-39 polarized lenses and offer 100% UV protection. You can protect your eyes and show off your style. 

WUDN Men's & Women's Ebony Wood, Wanderer with Polarized Lenses and 100% UV Protection

WUDN Men's & Women's Ebony Wood, Wanderer with Polarized Lenses and 100% UV Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere at any time and place, but certain regions have heightened radiation levels. What's the UV Risk in your City? 

What's the UV risk in your city? #nationalsunglassesday

Make UV protection a family affair. UV damage is cumulative, occurring over a lifetime of exposure. Children are extra vulnerable, so get them in the habit of wearing sunglasses early! This will help to mitigate serious vision problems in the future. Read more about UV & children here.

National Sunglasses Day is Wednesday June 27th 2018. 

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