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Picking the perfect wooden sunglasses for your face shape

Picking the right sunglasses is challenging. And, I know, you’re buying them online without the benefit of trying them on. But don’t worry, 10 minutes with the chart below and you will soon be wearing the perfect pair of sunglasses no matter the shape of your face.

Why Wooden Sunglasses?

Wood is the perfect material to construct sunglasses. It can be soft and elegant or strong and masculine all at the same time. Wood is more durable and stronger than plastic – and wood frames tend to fit those, not quite perfect faces, better than hard plastic.

Wooden sunglasses look great on pretty much all face shapes, but the guide below will help you narrow the field and pick the perfect glasses for your style.

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape?

No, you can’t just ask your girlfriend. But you can borrow her mirror.

face shape wood sunglasses fit looking in mirror

1. Pull your hair back – if you have that much left. 2. Find a dry erase marker. 3. On the mirror, draw the outline of your face. Simple right? 4. Now compare your terrible drawing to the chart below:

Circular Face

A soft, circular shape where the height and width are almost equal. Think Leonardo DiCaprio or Selena Gomez. Oversized, rectangular and angular frames will set off the roundness of your face and complement your look well. Wayfarers, Cat Eye or square frames will be perfect.

wooden sunglasses for a round shaped face

Heart Shaped Face

Defined by a broader forehead and a narrower jawline and chin. Your face is slightly longer than it is wide at the cheeks by about an inch. Think Bradley Cooper or Ashley Olsen. Any frames that are wider on the top than the bottom will work well. Wayfarers and Cat Eye style frames will be perfect.   

wooden sunglasses for a heart shaped face

Oval or Oblong Face

Balanced features, and a chin just slightly narrower than your forehead. Tom Cruise or Taylor Swift, both have a clearly oval face shape. This well-balanced face style can pull of pretty much any type of frame, just make sure they aren’t too big or too small. Fit is more important than shape for the oval crowd. Wayfarers, aviators or oversized sunglasses will look great.  

wooden sunglasses for an oval face shape

Square Face

Clear and strong lines with well-defined angles in the forehead cheeks and jawline. Brad Pitt or Jennifer Anniston are good examples. You have a distinctive and chiseled face with bold features. The point here is too soften the squares; try round or rimless shades to complement your square face shape. Round, Aviator or Clubmaster style frames will be just right.

wooden sunglasses for a square face shape

One Weird Rule

There’s one primary rule when shopping for sunglasses or any frames: select a shape that contrasts the shape of your face. (IE, a round face should NOT wear round frames. Think Kim Jong Il and his round sunglasses. It’s not a good look).

The frames should be something different than your natural face shape – this approach creates some balance. A perfect example is a round face with rectangular glasses. The angular frames create definition and provides a counterpoint to the roundness. A round frame would accentuate and make the round shape of your face even more obvious. Another example is the heart shape face that will look best with square or Aviator style frames because they add width to your narrow cheeks. Sunglasses are an important aspect of your style, and we want you to look as good as possible in your new sunglasses.

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    This was cool and informative. Thank you. I am looking for the best pair of wooden sunglasses to fit my face, and this guide was helpful.

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