WUDN Handcrafted

WUDN /pronounce/[ˈwo͝od•n]

Adjective, (1530); wood + -en
1 Consisting or made of wood.
2 The best wooden sunglasses, wooden phone cases, and real wood bar accessories available anywhere.  

Something Different

Since the beginning, we have been focused on doing something different, not just for us, but for you. I couldn’t look at another cheap plastic phone case or card holder at the mall kiosk. First, they’re trash, but more important, there are literally millions of those cases in the world, maybe thousands just in your town.

Part of our mission is making you distinctive; helping you express a little style in a world where everything is mass produced. A custom wooden phone case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is a small thing, but for the one piece of electronics that literally never leaves your side, a bit of wooden style can’t hurt. Of course, the same philosophy extends to the rest of our product line including beautiful wood wrapped bar accessories and more.

Our Promise: Sustainably Sourced Wood, No Exceptions

We purchase wood products and wood veneer only from FSC certified suppliers. The Forest Stewardship Council promotes environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests.

FSC Certified Sustainable Wood

The Team

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Cameron Christian

President - Co-Founder @cechrist

After 25 Years in the corporate world, I am creating my own destiny. I bought the business so we can continue delighting our customers with real wood products that are beautiful and functional.

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Jaimeleigh Christian

VP Business Development - Co-Founder

I have been a hippy and amateur tree-hugger all my life. The natural beauty of our sustainable WUDN products, fits my worldview perfectly. If you are looking for customized items are wholesale orders, I will take care of you.

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Bruce Goettmann

Production Manager

Building sustainable real wood products for you. That's why I am here. 

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Marketing Manager

I do a little marketing for Dad. This job is lame. My insta kills. @julietlozen

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Click anywhere here to send me a note. I promise to get back to you in one business day or less. 

My function in the universe is taking care of WUDN customers. From sales to customer service, I've got you covered. 

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Good Boi

Typically found running through the woodshop, looking for stuff to eat and bothering Bruce. Occasionally contributes a new product idea. 

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What tree species should I choose?

Mahogany, Bamboo, Aromatic Cedar, Black Walnut, American Cherry, Purple Heart or Shimmering Maple

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