WUDN Handcrafted Wooden Promotional Sunglasses

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WUDN is a leader in designing & distributing real wood sunglasses for the promotional products industry. We deliver reasonably priced wooden sunglasses emphasizing quality, fashion, selection and value.  

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Our Focus on Distributors

While we have a thriving consumer e-commerce business (mostly the iPhone cases) we do not sell wholesale to business customers, only through distribution. You can be assured our focus is on making you happy and successful. From easy design and proofing through fast production and shipping, our distributors are happy. We're still new, but we have an A+ rating on Sage. 

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Contact Us Today or Call Us at (425) 503-5443.

NEW: Wooden Sunglasses Now Available Wholesale for Promotional Product Suppliers. View our Wooden Sunglasses Catalog, or the Price List.

WUDN is a leader in designing & distributing real wood sunglasses for the promotional products industry. We deliver reasonably priced wooden sunglasses emphasizing quality, fashion, selection and value.

  • Real wood frames & temples from bamboo, zebra wood, ebony wood, rose wood, and recycled skateboards
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, block 100% of UV rays and have anti-glare features
  • Over 400 styles available
  • High-quality lenses including UV-400 protective & polarized models
  • Laser engraved customization (up to 4 locations) available at 100+ units
  • Custom engraved or one-color printed packaging available at 1000+ units
  • Packaging & display accessories available
  • FDA & CE import certificates
  • One-Time Setup Fee: $100 on G
  • Laser Engraving Run Charges $1.25 per location on C
  • Production & Shipping Time: 28-35 Days

Wooden Sunglasses Available Wholesale


WUDN Wholesale Promotional Products ASI Sage PPAI

We're Proud to be Members of ASI and a SAGE A+ Supplier. Search our Catalog on Sage or ESP Today - ASI# 97082 or SAGE# 51421 Or Call Us at (425) 503-5443.

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California Proposition 65 Warning

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