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Style, fit, function and the environment – wood sunglasses are a great choice.

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ONE – Sunglasses Made of Wood are an Eco-friendly, Sustainable Material Choice

Most plastics and acetate are made from oil. Plastic is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be minimized. We use real wood on the whole frame, or at least the temples of all of sunglasses. Our wood is sourced from sustainable forests. Even better, take a look at a set of Recycled Skatedeck Sunglasses.

Wood sunglasses are available with full wood or half wood frames and an array of wood choices including bamboo, zebra wood, and walnut.

TWO – Wood is Strong and Masculine While Also Being Warm and Elegant

Wooden Sunglasses? Of course: Not many materials can satisfy so many different types and styles at the same time. Is wood tough and masculine? Yes. Is it also warm and elegant at the same time? Absolutely. Do wood sunglasses look equally good on men and women, totally. Wood is versatile and beautiful. Wood has the capacity to take a boring pair of sunglasses and turn them into something special, something different. Wood sunglasses take you well into "Cool" without being overstated. The focus should be on you, not on the sunglasses. That's the whole point of style. 

Men and women look equally great in wooden sunglasses

THREE – Natural Wood Tones Complement Everything

Bamboo with Black? Check. Dark Walnut with White? Check. The natural look of wood tomes and wood grain complement pretty much any style. Better than shiny or colored plastic – wood tones are neutral and tend to match your look instead of being the center of attention. They will look great, without being the center of attention.

FOUR – Every style of Sunglasses You Need

Every style of sunglasses you are looking for are available in real wood. Wanderers, Aviators, Browline, Recycled Skatedecks, Jackie O style. Pretty much everything except those ugly shield sunglasses.

Every style of wooden sunglasses you need

FIVE – Styles as Unique as the Tress They Come From

No two trees are alike. Each has its own, unique story. A story that has been ingrained deep within its bark and lumber. At WUDN, it’s our job to bring the story out into the world. Every one of our wooden lifestyle products are as unique as the trees they come from, making your wooden sunglasses truly one-of-a-kind.

Wood grain sunglasses close up view

Look at the wood grain on these sunglasses - walnut temples for this example. Every pair of wooden sunglasses are unique. 

SIX – Real Wood Not Green Enough For You, Try Recycled Skateboard Sunglasses

We like to call them Upcycled skateboard glasses. Available in multiple styles and colors it doesn’t get more eco-conscious than re-purposing skate-decks that have reached the end of their life, into something new and beautiful. You can see the layers of recycled decks showing through behind the face and on the temples; it's a super cool look. 

Wooden sunglasses recycled skatedeck sunglasses

The wood effect on these skatedeck glasses is complete. Not to be master of the obvious, but if you didn't know, there are hundreds of fake plastic sunglasses from China that look like wood but aren't. They often call these "wood effect", "wood look" or more honestly "wood like" sunglasses. All WUDN sunglasses are real wood throughout. 

SEVEN – Wood is Stronger than Plastic

Durability: Without question, durability is one of the biggest selling points of all-natural wood sunglasses. WUDN sunglasses are as rough and tough from the trees they once came from. Better yet, our sunglasses are made from the finest quality of handpicked woods to ensure superior quality, strength and durability.

EIGHT – Even the Bamboo Packaging is Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Even the wooden sunglasses bamboo packaging is eco-friendly

That's It. All WUDN wooden sunglasses are real wood, lightweight, stylish, comfortable, handcrafted with love and deliver high-grade CR-39 polarized lenses. These are the Best wood sunglasses available at these price points.

Thanks for Reading and Take a look at the complete wooden sunglasses collection here.

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PS. There are some guys in Boise, Idaho that pitched their wooden sunglasses on Shark Tank. Good guys, cool company, but expensive glasses. Just sayin.

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