• National Sunglasses Day

    #NationalSunglassesDay Protect Your Eyes & Show Off Your Style Yes, we know, celebrating national sunglasses day is a little lame. Maybe the worst kind of fake Hallmark holiday. But irony and all, we're embracing it. There is some real benefit to understanding UV exposure (even on a cloudy day) and increasing awareness of sun safety all year long.  So take a quick read, then...
  • 8 Reasons You Want Wooden Sunglasses

    8 Reasons You Want Wooden Sunglasses
    Style, fit, function and the environment – wood sunglasses are a great choice. ONE – Sunglasses Made of Wood are an Eco-friendly, Sustainable Material Choice Most plastics and acetate are made from oil. Plastic is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be minimized. We use real wood on the whole frame, or at least the temples of all of sunglasses. Our wood is sourced...
  • WUDN Summer Adventure Giveaway

    WUDN Summer Adventure Giveaway
    The Real Wood Accessories for Your Summer Adventure – Enter to Win them all! We’re celebrating summer by giving away a collection of our most popular wood products. You will be outfitted completely in beautiful Mahogany, Bamboo, Cedar and Black Walnut: Battery Charging iPhone CasePowerbank for iPhone & AndroidQi Wireless Phone ChargerWood SunglassesCustomized Laser Engraved Luggage TagsReal Wood Sawtooth Mountains Traveler Slim CaseWood Coaster...
  • Polarized lenses are becoming more popular, but what do they really do?

    Polarized lenses are becoming more popular, but what do they really do?
    Are polarized lenses helpful and should I pay more for them? If you spend most of your time outdoors, on the road, on the golf course, fishing, hunting, on the water or in the mountains, polarized lenses are worth every penny. Light usually reflects in many directions; but when light is reflected from flat surfaces, especially water, it’s more likely to be polarized —...
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