• Enter to Win the Ultimate Home Bar Collection

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    The ultimate home bar giveaway.  

    And the Grand Prize Winner is: B.J. Bernal from Alabama. Congratulations BJ. We are building your order now and should have it out to you shortly. 

    Second Place Winners: 

    • Eric Starling in Florida
    • Carrie Peterson in Idaho
    • Ryan Senci in Denver
    • Michael Schirber in Ft. Collins
    • Katherine Schmitt in S. Carolina
    • Jenny Ham in Kansas

    Thanks to everyone who participated. 

    Contest Closed October 31st 2018 at Midnight. Thanks for entering. 

    In honor of Fall (and your home bar) WUDN is giving away a personalized collection of real wood bar accessories -- and 3-Months of Craft Beer delivered to your home*. Outfit your Home Bar like the suave gentleman you are or gift it to your favorite suave gentleman. Scratch that, you don't even have to be a gentleman.

    Every item is covered in real wood and laser engraved with your fancy monogram. Seriously, you want this stuff. :-)

    Grand Prize Winner will receive:

    -  Matched set of 5 monogrammed industrial bottle openers

    -  Matched set of 5 monogrammed 6 oz flasks

    -  Matched set of 5 monogrammed coasters

    -  3-Month Membership to the Original Craft Beer Club 

    -  Two wooden wine glass caddies in Beautiful Mahogany

    -  One 2 oz keychain flask with monogram (perfect for sneaking Whiskey anywhere)

    -  One monogrammed credit-card bottle opener

    -  One monogrammed beer/wine/liquor journal/planner

    -  One pair of Ebony Wood, Wanderer Sunglasses

    -  One handcrafted wooden sign (of your name) in black walnut for your home bar. (We don't have a picture yet cause were building it just for you)

    -  The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails

    -  The United States Of Craft Beer: A Guide to the Best Craft Breweries Across America

        And there's more:

        5 Additional Winners will receive a Mahogany Credit Card Bottle Opener and Hip Flask Combo. Open a Beer and carry some Whiskey (preferably at the same time).

        Winner or Not - everyone (that's you) can use discount code: WUDNBAR30 for 30% OFF all Bar Accessories and Sunglasses (including the custom stuff). 

        And while you are shopping, take a look at some of our favorite Blogs covering the world of beer, wine and spirits:

        We came up with the name for the blog because we have spent many drunken evenings befriending international visitors in our hometown of San Francisco or locals when we're out on our quest to drink at every top bar in the world.  Drunken DiplomacyWe came up with the name for the blog because we have spent many drunken evenings befriending international visitors in our hometown of San Francisco or locals when we're out on our quest to drink at every top bar in the world.

        Bevvy.com  Bevvy: Bevvy is a place to learn about and appreciate cocktails and spirits, and our mission is to help everyone enjoy better drinking experiences through recipes, reviews, how-tos and more.

        Bodovino - a wine lovers blog  Bodovino BlogOur goal is to introduce people to the world of wine accompanied by delicious food and amazing service.

        A Lush Life Manual A Lush Life Manual: Where to find everything, you need to enjoy the next sip.

        Princess Prosecco: Prosecco and every way to enjoy it. Princess Prosecco: Prosecco and every way to enjoy it.

        Beijos Events: articles and beautiful pictures all about throwing fantastic and gorgeous events. Beijos Events: articles and beautiful pictures all about throwing fantastic and gorgeous events.

        the Original Craft Beer Club   the Original Craft Beer Club: If you're interested in all things craft beer - this is the blog for you! 

        Beautiful Booze - https://www.beautifulbooze.com/  Beautiful Booze  is a resource for the cocktail enthusiast and home bartender with a website dedicated to recipe development and photography, 

        And check out one of our favorite partners: UrbanOutfitOnline

        Boring Stuff

        Contest closes on Halloween at 11:45 PM MST. A winner will be selected the following week. Use the Contest Form Above (not the one below, that's just our newsletter). Standard Contest Rules

        **please keep in mind that there are states that do not allow out-of-state retail shipments of alcohol. If this applies to your state and you still opt to enter the contest, please know we will not be able to fulfill your Craft Beer Club 3-mo subscription. **

        Thanks for being a customer. 


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      • You Need a Monthly Craft Beer Club Subscription

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        You Need a Monthly Craft Beer Club Subscription

        You need a monthly craft beer club subscription

        Seriously, we looked all over the interwebs for a beer club offering the right selection at the right price and from some people you would be proud to do business with. Here's what we came up with:

        The Original Craft Beer Club

        The Original Craft Beer Club

        This is how they describe themselves:

        Our Craft Beer of the month club searches out exceptional craft beers from around the country and then delivers the monthly beer club selections direct-to-you or your gift recipient's door. You can choose an ongoing beer club membership or Craft Beer Club gifts to ship monthly, every-other-month or even quarterly. This is a fantastic gift for the Craft Beer enthusiast in your life. Give 1 to 12 shipments and receive up to 3 bonus gifts and an additional $25 bonus with your order.

        And we couldn't agree more. The variety of beer is stuff I have not seen at the grocery store, and probably couldn't find in our smallish city. For a price this reasonable, I get some great beer, delivered to the door. I have this one snooty neighbor, and he is always impressed. 

        Pair your new monthly craft beer deliveries with some new wooden bar accessories. 

        Bottle Openers, Flasks, Custom Engraved Serving Tray

        P.S. No money changed hands in the making of this blog post and we do not receive a commission on Craft Beer Club sales. We genuinely love their products. 

        More details, or just click through and take a look at their site:

        Beer of the Month Club shipment includes:

        12 World-Class Craft Beers
        12 oz. beers
        4 different styles - 2 from each craft brewery
        3 beers each
        (cans featured 3x per year)
        Monthly Beer Club Newsletter:
        The story behind the beer, where it originated and what pairs with it.
        Craft Beer Club Selections:
        The best selection of premium craft beers you'll find from any beer of the month club.
        Choose how many & how often
        Choose Monthly, Every-Other-Month or Quarterly beer club shipments.
        Always Free Shipping Door-to-Door
        Within contiguous US., excludes HI & AK


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