The Brand Power of a Custom Wood Phone Case - 10 Reasons

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Phone cases are touched, used and seen every day – nothing else comes close.

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Custom branded laser engraved wood phone case promotional product

I spent 20 years in corporate marketing buying promo products, and a year on this side of the fence as a supplier to the promotional products industry. Some promo products are simply better at conveying a brand message thousands of times throughout the year. Here’s our take on the top 10 reasons why. Simple, compelling and mostly obvious. Feel free to copy / paste this for your next prospecting email.  


1. Phone cases have high visibility

Seen by the owner up to 30,000 times per year. And, phone cases will be seen by others throughout the users day. People literally hold the phone up in front of them while texting or talking, displaying the case for all to see.


2. Phone cases have excellent utility

Phone cases get used <period>. I have drawers full of promotional USB drives, and a closet full of golf shirts. They were great once, but nothing like a phone case that I will literally carry on my person every day.


3. Phone cases go literally everywhere

Home, work, church, grocery store, daycare, the tradeshow. A custom branded phone case will go everywhere your clients and their clients go.


4. Phone cases are small, lightweight, easy to carry and easy to ship.

Enough said.


5. Phone cases work internationally

Between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy over 80% of the global smartphone market is covered.


6. Phone cases deliver instant gratification

I may not wear that shirt until tomorrow (if at all) but the phone case, I can slip on immediately and begin enjoying (and communicating a brand message) right that minute.


7. Phone cases are cost effective

Cheaper plastic cases from China can be had for low single digits. Laser engraved, real wood phone cases, handcrafted in the USA from sustainable forests can be had for less than $10 at reasonable quantity.


8. Phone cases are highly customizable

Of course, plastic cases can be printed with virtually anything, in any color. Wood phone cases with a laser engraving are still highly customizable while delivering the user a more subtle brand image and higher style, increasing the likelihood it will actually be used.


9. Phone cases are fast

Wooden phone cases are laser engraved and assembled in the USA. Reasonable quantities can be built and shipped in days, not weeks.


10. Phone cases are safe.

No batteries, no sharp edges, no warning labels, and no shipping restrictions. Phone cases are easy.


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iPhone promotional product laser engraved phone caseSamsung Galaxy promotional product laser engraved phone case

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