• 6 Personalized Gifts in Real Wood – We know How Thoughtful You Are

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    All under $50, except one.

    I struggle to find the right gift. Not just for Dad or those people that seem to have everything; I am looking at you Larry Coval. Is it thoughtful enough, is it personalized? Is it some crap they could buy for themselves? Free yourself of the anxiety. Pick a customized gift from our hand curated list and we will take care of everything – including the free shipping.

    Every gift idea in our collection is available with custom Monogram in Mahogany, Black Walnut, Carmalized Bamboo or Aromatic Cedar. Handcrafted by our team in Hidden Springs, Idaho.

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  • Cyber-Monday Flash Sale - 30% OFF all purchases over $30 & FREE shipping!

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    Cyber-Monday Only 30% OFF all purchases over $30 & FREE shipping

    Cyber-Monday Only

    30% OFF all purchases over $30 & FREE shipping!

    Use Code: WUDNCM30

    Slim Cases ,  Battery Cases ,  Sunglasses ,  Power Banks , Home & Office , Bar ,  Custom  - all marked down to fantastic prices.

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  • Do NOT Leave Your House on Black Friday!

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    For 12-hours starting early on Black Friday the first 500 WUDN customers get 50% OFF all purchases over $50 and free shipping! For 12-hours starting early on Black Friday the first 500 WUDN customers get 50% OFF all purchases over $50 and free shipping! Well, everyone gets free shipping, but you know what I mean.
    Use Code: WUDNBF50
    Sale Valid from Friday 12:00am Pacific to 12:00 Noon Pacific.
    Share this E-Mail with friends, family, everyone, except Joe in accounting.
    Black Friday Only - Slim Cases, Battery Cases, Sunglasses, Power Banks, Home & Office, Bar, Custom - all marked down to insanely low prices.
    Put something in your cart; it'll be waiting for you on Friday. 

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  • Real Wood is Real Good

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    Wood is natures best gift to man. We have used them as fuel, building material, and as tools. It has been a part of our lives. We couldn’t have possibly imagined a life without it.

    Thanks to clever marketing and cheaper alternatives, advertisers convinced us that wood was bad. But boutique woodshops like WUDN, are slowly changing this mindset.

    We create handcrafted products like wooden sunglasses, Wooden iPhone and Samsung phone cases, wooden powerbanks, and real wood bar accessories from some of the finest American woods.

    Our products are sourced from local, sustainable forests, by master craftsmen (and women) using timeless methods.

    In a world where everything is OVER-designed, our products stand out because of their simplistic and timeless designs.


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  • WUDN Slim Cases Now Available for Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus and Note 8

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    Maybe the iPhone is the best phone. Maybe it’s not. Here are two competing arguments that both make some pretty valid points:

    I’ve been using the iPhone X for a week — and it’s definitely worth the $1,000 price tag

    iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Which phone is right for you?

    We have been focused primarily on iPhone for a while now, but either way, who cares. Your phone is an intensely personal device, and if it works for you, then who else gets to say.  

    We care only about your happiness, that’s why we’re extending our wooden phone case portfolio to include Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus and Note 8. The best and most popular Samsung phones, now wrapped in beautiful Mahogany, Black Walnut, Aromatic Cedar or Carmalized Bamboo.

    Samsung wood phone case for S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus and Note 8

    Our classic wooden Samsung cases are hand cut and crafted for superior durability, quality and finish. The case is form-fitted to your phone, staying true to your Samsung phone’s sleek and modern design while keeping your phone safe from drops, dents and dings.

    Give us a few days and we will have the Wooden Samsung versions available on the Custom Page as well. You can have your text, logo, artwork or images laser engraved on the back of a phone case.

    If you don’t see every possible case design available in the Samsung versions, we may still be uploading variants to the site. Or we made a mistake. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to send us an email at info@shopwudn.com.

    Thanks for being a customer.

    Customer Questions and Answers

    Is the phone case covered in real wood?

    Yes, every case is covered in real wood, hand selected by our team for beauty and uniqueness. Wood options for most all of our cases include Mahogany, Black Walnut, Carmalized Bamboo or Aromatic Cedar.

    How well will this case fit my phone?

    The slim-case fits your phone perfectly. No blockage of the camera port. Sure grip textured sides to enhance your grip and easy access to all ports and buttons.

    Does the phone case protect my screen?

    Yes, our slim-cases have a slightly raised lip around the front edge to prevent your phone screen from touching surfaces when placed facedown. Of course, you should always add a glass screen protector.

    Can I still use Qi wireless charging with this phone case?

    Yes, WUDN slim cases do not interfere with Qi wireless charging for iPhone 8 and X models or for Samsung Galaxy phones. Just be sure to center the Qi receiver in the middle of your charging pad.

    Does the phone case protect my camera?

    Yes, the phone camera is recessed behind the camera cutout. Although the camera is not covered, because that would result in potato quality photos, the camera should be safe from typical drops.

    Will a case protect the resale value of my phone?

    Yes, keeping your phone in excellent condition goes a long way towards maintaining high resale and trade-in value. You should keep your phone in a case at all times - and always add a real glass (not plastic screen protector). As iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones get more expensive, the resale and trade-in value has been going up as well. For $25 now, you could add several hundred dollars to the value of your phone when it's time to upgrade. Read: 6 Ways to Boost the Resale Value of Your Phone

    Will I need a dongle for my headphones?

    No, the WUDN slim cases come with a properly sized cutout for the headphone port (on iPhone 6 models) and lightning port. You will NOT need a dongle for your headphones. Having said that, how about a matching set of Walnut Bluetooth Earbuds.

    Can the WUDN case be used with magnetic car and wall mounts?

    WUDN cases do not come with a steel plate built in. We are looking to add that feature in the future. In the meantime, we know of many customers that have added a steel plate inside their WUDN case with great results. Here is a 4-pack of metal plates designed exactly for this purpose.

    How do you make a wooden cell phone case?

    We did a long form blog post about that complete with pictures and videos. Take a look: We Built a Laser Engraved Phone Case from Scratch

    Should I buy more than one WUDN phone case?

    Of course. We have a number of designs from cool artistic skulls to the "Sawtooth Mountains Traveler", and most of our cases are available in different wood types and species. You should have a couple of cases, at least, to change your style to match the moment. Monday through Friday in the office call for a simple, conservative case, and Fridays in the club call for something with a bit more style.

    Will the wood get stained and ugly?

    It could, but unlike plastic and other synthetic materials, our wood cases actually get better looking over time. We ship our cases with only one light layer of polyurethane. This means the case will age and the more you use it, the more the wood will look authentic and vintage. Some artisans actually use coffee to stain wood in beautiful mocha hues. (make sure your phone is out of the case when you decide to drop it in your coffee).

    Can I customize or personalize my phone case?

    Of course, we offer a full custom shop here. The process is simple: find your image or logo (in black and white - jpg format) and send it to us. Pretty straightforward. We will get to work on design and production right away. You can also customize or personalize a matching journal/planner, mousepad or flask. How cool to have a personalized wooden phone case and a set of matching wood accessories.

    What is TPU and why do I care?

    Thermoplastic Urethane - A hybrid material, TPU is a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone. A very dense and smooth rubber, TPU cases are made to slide in and out of the pocket easily, without attracting lint. TPU cases are more durable, slightly elastic and much stronger than silicone. WUDN uses TPU case templates which are then covered by real wood.

    Should I get matching sunglasses made of wood?

    Duh. How cool are you on Saturday afternoon with a Bamboo world-map phone case and matching Bamboo Frame Sunglasses. Seriously.

    About the Author: Cameron Christian Owner, President-CEO. After 25 Years in the corporate world, I am creating my own destiny. I bought the business so we can continue delighting our customers with real wood products that are beautiful and functional. Follow us on Instagram or email me at Cameron.christian@shopwudn.com.  

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