Handcrafted in Hidden Springs, Idaho, USA


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Wood products, phone cases, and wood bar stuff, all handcrafted in hidden springs, idaho, USA #WUDN #ShopLocal

Always Handcrafted in Hidden Springs, Idaho, USA.

Wood products, phone cases, and wood bar stuff, all handcrafted in hidden springs, idaho, USA #WUDN #ShopLocal

Community Fire Station in Hidden Springs, Idaho

Real-wood phone cases, bar accessories, sunglasses, & more. Retail products? Of course. WUDN Promo SWAG? Yep. The WUDN Collection in your retail store? For sure. Small business is the lifeblood of most communities, probably yours included. Share this, and then tell us how you "shop local" in the comments. I promise to reply to every one. Want some inspiration for your real wooden style? Check out our Instagram Feed below. 

How can WUDN Help You?

I want one product for myself or a gift for someone else

No problem, browse our categories: Wooden Phone Cases | Bar Accessories | Home & Office | Sunglasses | Accessories

I want to laser engrave something in wood

Also easy! Take a look at these custom collections: Custom Wooden Phone Cases | Custom Bar Accessories

And read: The Ultimate Guide to Laser Engraving Your Custom Phone Case

I need new and cool inventory for my retail store

Perfect, WUDN is on Faire, a marketplace for retailers. WUDN products are sold wholesale for retail store owners through Faire. WUDN provides $100 in credit for your first order and free shipping for the first year, for customers new to Faire. By creating a free account on Faire, you can get access to Net 60 terms, POS integration through Square and Shopify, and free returns on your first order with WUDN. WUDN will pay no commission on all orders from you on Faire.

I am a distributor selling customized logo swag to my clients

We have an entire wholesale promo website just for you. We have an A+ Rating with Sage. Everything in our catalog and more, ready to be laser engraved with your clients logo. 

I want to dropship sales from my e-commerce website

Easy. We use shopify and support two of the most popular drop-shipping platforms available. ProductPro and Drop Commerce. Both integrate seamlessly with your e-commerce store, and WUDN delivers great prices and fast drop-shipping for your clients.


I just want to browse cool wood pictures on your Instagram


Anything else you can think of? Drop us a line at cameron@shopwudn.com.

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