Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Phone Cases & Covers for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy

Custom wood phone cases - hand cut and laser engraved by expert craftsmen in Hidden Springs, Idaho. Fit perfectly for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone. Wrap it in customized real wood. Laser engraved text, images, logos or your fancy monogram. Custom Wood iPhone Cases, Custom Wood Samsung Galaxy Cases. Personalize & Customize Your Wooden Phone Case Right Here.

Since the beginning, we have been focused on doing something different, not just for us, but for you. I couldn’t look at another cheap plastic phone case at the mall kiosk. First, they’re trash, but more important, there are literally millions of those cases in the world, maybe thousands just in your town. Part of our mission is making you distinctive; helping you express a little style in a world where everything is mass produced. A custom wooden case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is a small thing, but for the one piece of electronics that literally never leaves your side, a bit of style can’t hurt. Of course, the same philosophy extends to the rest of our product line including beautiful wood wrapped bar accessories and more.

You are on the cutting (bleeding) edge of technology, and we are right there with you-always making sure we and you, have the latest phones covered -- in real laser engraved wood, that is. You like to go big, and so do we-offering a wide selection of cases for all styles, personalities, and tastes. You love your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? We’ve got you real wood. Modern Phones are beautiful in their own right, but adding a little personal touch with a lot of protection is where WUDN excels The way we see it, you spend a lot of money on your phone! And if you are like us it is almost always in your hand, on your desk, or visible in some capacity. It’s your primary device for communication, it is your camera, your calendar, your virtual assistant, and a source of entertainment. A lifeline. Protecting it is a MUST, protecting it in style is a CHOICE and we make it easy with WUDN Wooden Cases.

We have a selection of cases for every style, personality, and interest. In a world where everyone has an iPhone or a new Galaxy, why not make yours stand out as unique as you? The WUDN protective wooden iPhone and Samsung galaxy cases are as exceptional as you, and make a statement just like your phone. They are also sturdy enough to protect your phone from your everyday life. Whether you are running to the store, hiking up a mountain, jet-setting across the world, or handing your phone off to your toddler to keep them busy for a little while, your Phone is well protected (and fun to look at) in a WUDN Wooden Case. Check out our full selection of wooden iPhone and Samsung galaxy cases and express a little wooden style.


The Ultimate Guide to Laser Engraving Your Custom Phone Case

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ARTWORK DISCLAIMER: By uploading your artwork you affirm that you are the rightful owner, and agree to assume any and all liability resulting from copyright infringements. WUDN reserves the right to deny any artwork that could potentially break copyright or trademark laws. WUDN is not responsible for images that are not lawfully owned by customer. You are solely responsible for your artwork.

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