Discover the Phone Wallet RNGR in Real Wood & Leave Your Wallet at Home


The Wallet RNGR™ is a small, simple, yet beautiful, wallet, metal ring phone holder and stand, all in one

I am sick and tired of carrying a wallet. It's thick, heavy, leaves an unsightly bulge in my back pocket, and it bruises my right ass cheek when I drive. It really does, I hate it. And the junk in my wallet? 99 days out of a 100 I don't need it. Seriously, dumb. Just give me a drivers license, 1 credit card and $50 in cash. It's minimalist, but that's really all I need. And we both know your phone goes with you everywhere. The RNGR Wallet combines these two essentials into one simple, easy to carry, minimalist, slim wallet for your phone. Perfect right? 

introducing the wallet rngr, wooden ring phone holder in real wood

Perfect for ditching the full wallet, the Wallet RNGR attaches to your phone and holds a few credit cards, your ID and a bit of cash.

  • A Phone Wallet with Phone Holder & Stand Combination
  • Combining the best of a phone wallet, with the functionality of a ring phone holder
  • Holds 2-3 cards, your ID with room for some cash
  • Made with eco-friendly leatherette & Certified sustainable wood
  • Steel Construction works flawlessly with magnetic car mounts
  • Strong 3M adhesive, durable, lightweight but satisfyingly heavy
  • Design Adds less than 1 oz. weight & 6 mm thickness.
  • Ships from USA to to US & International addresses

For the first time ever, we are offering the Wallet RNGR in all seven of our beautiful wood species:

wooden RNGR ring phone holder wood wallet popsocket
Aromatic Cedar, Purple Heart, Mahogany, Shimmering Maple, American Cherry, Carmalized Bamboo, and Black Walnut.

Flexible & Comfortable

The Wallet RNGR is the highest quality and most flexible phone ring holder and stand you can buy. With 360 degree rotation for a comfortable fit in your hand at any angle. And, 180 degree of angle for the stand function offering the perfect viewing angle for whatever you are watching.
Perfectly angled phone stand with 360 degree rotation and 180 degree angle
The RNGR Wallet that helps your phone case (any phone case) perform double duty. These wallets help to protect your phone from drops, but hold the essentials you’ll need on most days. Travel as light as possible with the RNGR Wallet. 

Super Durable Design

The Wallet RNGR is small and lightweight, but the steel construction is satisfyingly heavy to hold to and use. It has the construction and feel, of real quality, compared to cheap and thin plastic ring holders. Or vinyl phone wallets for that matter. Whether you want to ditch your wallet for good, or just want the option to travel light, the RNGR Wallet is the perfect blend of style and function. 
Strong and durable design, steel and wood phone ring holder
Need your phone case (any phone case) to pull triple-duty as protection, as a wallet, protective layer, and a kickstand?

Custom Wood Finishing

Don’t settle for the same ring holder or popsocket that everyone else has. Stand out from the crowd with a wooden RNGR from WUDN. Each one handmade with real wood, and cut by the WUDN team. So go ahead; show off your style.


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OK, What About My Phone Case

Of course you can get a matching phone case, or even a custom phone case with your name or fancy monogram initials laser engraved. 

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