WUDN & Jake Lindberg (an Artist Collaboration)


WUDN is proud to highlight the Art of Portland based artist Jake Lindberg

WUDN is proud to highlight the Art of Seattle based artist Jake Lindberg.

WUDN & Jake will be collaborating to bring his art alive on transforming and laser engraving images on real wood phone cases, mousepads and beautiful custom wood journals. From hometown graffiti to fantastic animals, real and imagined, Jake interprets the present through a lens all his own.

“I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with a company like WUDN, making cool real wood products. I am excited to see my art transformed into a product more people will get to see and WUDN customers will love." Said Jake Lindberg. 

"WUDN is very eager to show off the product of our first artist collaboration. It's a fantastic piece of urban art we're calling the "Graffiti Octopus". Stunning and subtle, the Graffiti Octopus is sure to catch your attention." Said Cameron Christian, Owner of WUDN. 

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This Contest Ended January 31st, 2018

We’re so excited, we’re giving away Jake’s newest creation, the badass “Graffiti Octopus” in mahogany and aromatic cedar.

Original Art - Jake Lindberg - Graffiti Octopus for wooden phone case

With Jake's help, we transformed the original octopus art into a vector file. The resulting image was cut into two parts so we could inlay two different wood species. 

Original Art - Jake Lindberg - Graffiti Octopus for wooden iphone 7, iphone 8 case

"Graffiti Octopus" by Jake Lindberg - Rendered in Black Walnut & Aromatic Cedar on iPhone 78 Slim Case by WUDN

Jake Lindberg Launch - Wooden Journal and wooden iphone case - Graffiti Octopus

"Graffiti Octopus" Journal / Planner by Jake Lindberg - Rendered in Black Walnut & Aromatic Cedar by WUDN

Winners will receive an wooden octopus journal and choose from one wooden phone case to fit an iPhone 6, 7, 8, X or Plus model, or Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, or Note 8.

This Contest Ended January 31st, 2018

Sign up with just your email address. Winners will be announced right after the contest closes on January 31st, 2018 Good luck! 

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More about Jake: A self taught artist, Jake began practicing art when he was very young, exploring new mediums and techniques to expand his personal style. Inspired by street artists and geometric shapes, Jacobs favorite art mediums include sketching, spray paint, and metal sculpture. He is particularly interested  in functional art and helping people interact with art in a everyday, relaxed manner. Follow Jake on Instagram

Dumb contest rules apply. Click here and read them now.

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