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Sustainable Bamboo Grown in Portland

WUDN is committed to sourcing sustainable wood products in the US. Until recently, that has not always been possible. Bamboo, for instance, is both beautiful, and probably the single most sustainable wood product on earth. (some types of Bamboo grow up to 4 feet a day; a day). But, until recently, Bamboo products were grown and harvested commercially, only in Asia. while that's not necessarily a bad thing, our goal is to source wood products as close to home as possible. 

A Bamboo Forest Products Industry in Oregon?

WUDN selects our partners and suppliers very carefully. And in this case, we found a real partner in Bamboo Revolution of Portland, Oregon, that truly shares our values. 
From Mike Pullen, the Owner at Bamboo Revolution:
"We have taken the first crucial steps towards creating a timber bamboo industry based in Oregon. Last fall, we transplanted live Moso bamboo plants to Oregon from a 100-year-old grove in Louisiana, and it began sprouting new shoots this spring here in Oregon".
Take a minute and check out the documentary. 

Cameron Christian Owner WUDN

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