Simplicity, Sustainability & 7 Other Reasons Why You Should Buy All Natural Wood Products

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Technology has come a long way towards creating inexpensive and durable building materials, but sometimes, it’s still best to turn toward tradition and go with all natural wood products instead. Here are just a few reasons why we can’t get over wood materials.

A Refreshing Return to Natural Simplicity

Wood products represent a return to simplicity. In a society that thrives of overly-designed and mass-produced products, handcrafted wood products are a refreshing change of pace; a welcome disruptor to the hustle of everyday life.

Sustainable Approach & Eco-Friendly Design

Unlike metal or plastic, wood comes from the world that surrounds us. In WUDN’s case, our story starts in the foothills, valleys and forests of Southwestern Pennsylvania. While we may be surrounded by a technology-focused economy, we find our inspiration from the Pittsburgh of yesteryear, looking toward the traditional blue collar spirit this town was founded upon to create locally sourced, heirloom wood products.

At WUDN, we are proud to say that our zero-waste approach to manufacturing means that no amount of product is left behind or tossed to the trash bin.


Unmatched Beauty and That All Natural Wood Look

Perhaps our favorite reason to work with real wood is the finished product. While products made from ceramics, plastics and other man-made materials can look aesthetically pleasing, nothing can match the natural beauty of wood. Wood has been the most trusted and prized working material since the early beginnings of our country. No matter if you’re displaying your phone in an impressive wood phone case, or bringing the outdoors in the office with wooden journals, mousepads and business card holders, the beautiful wood grain pattern and smooth finish add an elegant touch to everyday products.

Styles as Unique as the Tress They Come From

No two trees are alike. Each has its own, unique story. A story that has been engrained deep within its bark and lumber. At WUDN, it’s our job to bring the story out into the world. Every one of our wooden lifestyle products are as unique as the trees they come from, making your product truly one-of-a-kind.


Wood products are far more versatile and flexible than many people realize. When you get your wood straight from the source, sculpting and creating something spectacular is just a matter of knowhow and high precision craftsmanship. Each one of our wood products are individually handcrafted from carefully inspected woods to make sure every millimeter of your material makes its mark.


Without question, durability is one of the biggest selling points of all-natural wood products. Our everyday carry wood products are as rough and tough from the trees they once came from. Better yet, our products are made from the finest quality of handpicked woos to ensure superior quality, strength and durability.

Endless Customization

With a WUDN product by your side, there is no end to the art and creativity you can show off thanks to our limitless customization. Blending traditional woodworking techniques with modern technology, our craftsmen are able to create precisely the kind of item you absolutely need to have. Just send us your images and let our professional woodworkers bring your vision to life with your wood products.

Easy Upkeep

Some people could argue that wood is too vulnerable to nicks and scratches, but our wood lifestyle products will look as good as new as long as you take care. Just include some light dusting and polishing with your weekly cleaning routine and your wooden products will always look as fresh as they did when they left our woodshop!

A Timeless Investment

Combining modern design principles with traditional woodworking practices, our lifestyle products allow you to capture a bit of nature in your pocket while breathing new life into the things we use every day. Rather than obsessing with growth, the WUDN team is committed to pursuing the greatest product, ensuring you the highest-quality, handmade products money can buy.

If you’re still not convinced wood products are right for you, let them do the talking and shop our collection of eco-friendly, real wood products today. High-quality products aren’t mass-produced, make sure what you carry is as stylish as it is functional and buy WUDN.  

About the Author: Cameron Christian Owner, President-CEO. After 25 Years in the corporate world, I am creating my own destiny. I bought the business so we can continue delighting our customers with real wood products that are beautiful and functional. Follow us on Instagram or email me at   

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    Cool article. I like the mix of old and new by using wood on high tech electronics.

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