iPhone X Slim Cases in Real Wood are Coming



iPhone X Slim Cases in Real Wood are Coming

iPhone X slim cases are on the way from our supplier. We are excited to deliver the most exciting new iPhone in 5-years, covered in beautiful real wood. They should be here by Halloween and then we need just a few days to design and laser engrave the wood templates. Of course we will offer Aromatic Cedar, Mahogany, Carmalized Bamboo, and Black Walnut. These slim cases will be available on the custom page as well and can be customized with your text, logo or images.

We are working with our suppliers to design an iPhone X battery case as well. We need a few extra weeks on those. We will keep you posted.

Since you’re here, this one is not ours but thought you would get a kick out of this: The Advent Collection from Grey is an iPhone X case that costs more than an iPhone X. $1,295 before engraving or shipping. Crazy right. It’s like buying $1000 seat-covers for your $500 car seat. Pretty cool video though. Check it out after the link: https://gray-international.com/


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