Introducing Purpleheart & Curly Maple Real Wooden Phone Cases (Fresh & Unique)


INTRODUCING Purpleheart & Curly Maple  Wooden Phone Cases

Introducing Purpleheart and Curly Maple Wooden Cases for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Phones

New, real wood phone cases built from the most beautiful (and sustainable) wood species on earth.

Purpleheart Really is Purple

Purpleheart wood comes from South and Central America, and it really is even more deep purple that it looks in the picture. A truly stunning wood species. 

When freshly cut the heartwood of Purpleheart is a grayish/purplish brown. After exposure to oxygen, the wood becomes a deeper eggplant purple. With further age and exposure to UV light, the wood can becomes a dark brown with a strong hints of purple. WUDN cases will minimize this longer-term color-shift as we treat the wood with a UV inhibiting finish. It’s like sunscreen for your phone case.

Purpleheart wooden iphone case

Curly Maple Literally Shimmers in the Light

Curly Maple is not a species of wood, but the most famous grain variations of the maple heartwood that is prized as one of the best wood types for the creation of musical instruments (most notably guitars, violins and other string instruments). Curly Maple on the back of your iPhone is as beautiful as it is unique.

Curly Maple wooden iphone case

Curly maple grain delivers a fascinating pattern that creates the interesting illusion of a three-dimensional pattern. The grain appears to curl along the length of the entire case. The exact reason for the irregular growth of fiber cells inside maple tree’s heartwood is not currently well understood.

The 3D-like effect of curly maple is known as “figure”, and it represents a distortion that is perpendicular to the grain’s direction.

Curly Maple 3D Figures Shimmer in the Sun

The grain of maple achieves this effect because the fiber cells that grow from the depths of its root to the tops of its canopy twists and turns as it grows, creating a wave-like effect that can be exaggerated in the finished lumber if it is cut in a certain way. The most common way of achieving this stunning grain pattern is by processing maple lumber with the quartersawn tool.



Some Wooden Style

Real wood phone cases deliver style, class and elegance. You need to be (at least a little bit) different. Purple Heart and Curly Maple certainly don’t define your character, but it’s a far walk to the “plastic” junk at the kiosk in the mall.

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Wooden iPhone Cases in Purpleheart & Curly Maple by WUDNWooden Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases in Purpleheart & Curly Maple by WUDNCustomizable Wooden iPhone Cases in Purpleheart & Curly Maple by WUDNCustomizable Wooden Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases in Purpleheart & Curly Maple by WUDN

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