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Wooden Shades

Wooden shades have gotten quite a lot of popularity in the past few years and in honor of this emerging fashion trend, we present a few facts you might not know about them:

They provide an awesome break from the norm

We are all aware of the fact that most shades are made of plastic or metal, so one that is made of wood is definitely going to be a break from the norm. This factor is especially appealing to women who love to appear unique and distinct from the rest of the crowd. Thee wooden frames of the glasses are seen as distinct, and they definitely work in their favor.

They are awesome conversation starters

“Oh my God, I love your glasses. Where did you get them?”

“Wow, that’s a particularly different set of shades. I love the design”

Recognize sentences like these?

These are things that a lot of people say when they see wooden glasses. As an offshoot to their ability to be distinct, they are also awesome ice breakers, and a lot of people tend to star conversations by talking about them. If you’re looking to be the center of attention wherever you’re going, then wooden shades are definitely the right choice for you.

They look amazing

Yes, they’re made of wood and yes, they’re not common. Regardless though, wooden shades are definitely stunning. They provide an awesome addition to your ensemble, and they have the ability to make the rest of your outfit sine. They also go along with various combinations of clothes and they’re appropriate for a wide array of settings and locations; whether it’s with a denim shirt and jacket while attending a small picnic and get together with your closest friends, with a stunning Forever 21 dress while going for a quiet dinner with your spouse, or with a complete jumpsuit while going to work.

If what you’re looking for are versatility and an amazing fit, wooden shades have definitely got you covered.  

Their creative design is a great for many people

Lovers of art and creativity will undoubtedly find wooden shades a delight due to the ingenuity put into designing them. We live in a world where creativity and expression are encouraged, and more people seem to embrace their artistic selves. If you’re looking for a way to channel your creativity, why not see if wooden shades will work for you?

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