• 20 Best (Completely Addictive) DIY Woodworkers on YouTube

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    Woodworking is a very interesting craft to watch, and there’s something amazing about seeing a great woodworker build something from scratch out of a piece of lumber. Even if you’re not a woodworker, or you are a beginner just getting started and learning the ins and outs of the craft, or you have been working with wood for many years, watching great woodworking videos on YouTube is an excellent way to learn about making different pieces, and maybe inspire you for your next project. I’d like to draw your focus to 20 amazing YouTube woodworking channels that are worth checking out and subscribing to for their amazing work. Have an addition for our list, comment below. I promise to respond to all of them.


    1. Frank Howarth

    The work that Frank Howarth does is absolutely enchanting. It’s not the best channel to learn from if you’re a beginner, but it’s still worth following for everyone interested in woodworking simply to admire the beautiful work that he does. Regardless of what he’s making, from a bookshelf to a wooden phone case, the pieces are always very artfully created, and all of it is done with incredible film-making skills and stop-motion work. Even for those that have never watched a woodworking video, this is a must-see channel to subscribe to.


    2. John Heisz

    John Heisz is based in Canada, and his work is a lot more accessible than Frank Howarth, but no less visually stunning. Some of his videos are absolutely crazy, but his channel is worth subscribing to simply because it’s so approachable and useful, from novice-level instructions for no-measuring methods to making your own tools. His videos have a very informal feel to them, and he really engages with his viewers to make each video very interesting.


    3. Jay Bates

    Jay Bates is the go-to YouTube channel for novice woodworkers that want to learn more about the craft. His work is extremely accessible, regardless of whether you have the tools and knowledge. His choice of techniques, his tools, and even his friendly and easy to follow presentation style are all extremely appealing to watch. Jay Bates understands that the biggest obstacle in woodworking for those starting out isn’t the work itself but it’s in the planning stages. When you first start out, you’re unsure about the process. For example, if you want to make a wooden iPhone case, you have to figure out how to make the wooden phone case you want to make, what tools and materials will be needed, and how much to buy. Therefore, Jay has a whole series of tutorials on planning projects for woodworking called SketchUp.


    4. GarageWoodworks

    GarageWoodworks is run by Brian Grella, who actually has a PhD in medicinal chemistry. On this channel, you’ll find an interesting mix of atmospheric videos that don’t really have much in the way of explanations, but also some excellent woodworking videos that break down the how-to aspect of making different items, like a stunning wooden bowl created with only a router and a drill press. Novice woodworkers will appreciate this channel for its excellent guides to different projects.


    5. HomeMadeModern

    The HomeMade Modern site is actually a commercial, but it’s fantastic as it showcases that commercials don’t have to be annoying to viewers. This channel is run by a tool company called Ryobi, but instead of making a channel with commercials about its tools, it’s a fantastic woodworking DIY source. The videos are produced professionally in a similar fashion to “authentic” YouTube DIY woodworker channels, but they’re all explained clearly and easy to follow for beginners. The style of the videos makes this a great channel to subscribe to, and the bonus is that all the projects shown in the videos require only standard tools to make, nothing complicated.


    6. Jimmy Diresta

    Jimmy Diresta is a talented woodworker who can create everything and anything, and he has a very distinctive and original video style. They are extremely meditative and it’s interesting to watch his creations take form under your eyes. His tool of choice is the bandsaw and he has used many different materials successfully. Also interesting, he seems to love branding every possible surface with his name and has placed it strategically all over his work. Jimmy Diresta will be the first person to say that his videos aren’t instructional, they’re entertainment, and it’s absolutely important to accept that, because he does not always follow the best woodworking safety practices in his shop.


    7. The Wood Whisperer

    This woodworker has been active on YouTube for many years now and has amazing videos to watch, both free and paid content. He has a lot of video tutorials, such as magazine racks, wooden iPhone cases, and much more. What’s great about his channel is that all of his projects have a purpose, like making a wooden phone case, but he uses that purpose to showcase many different techniques you can use on other projects in the future. The Wood Whisperer, known as Marc J. Spagnuolo, is extremely knowledgeable and entertaining to watch. With a background in tech, his videos are extremely well made and high quality. Although not all the content is free, there’s enough on there that will get you well on your way to improving your woodworking abilities. The Wood Whisperer.


    8. Woodworking for Engineers

    This is a Canadian website, not YouTube channel, but it’s a great one to follow because you will learn how to build so many useful things such as a stand-up laptop table. This format is different because they’re not actually videos, but more of a presentation slide approach, where each step will be represented by a single image and detailed text instructions and links. This is actually easier to browse and look through the site, but the downside is that there’s less visual information than you would get in a traditional video like those on the rest of this list. There is some video content like useful tutorials, but it’s not the primary means of instruction. Woodworking for Engineers is really for those that want to be inspired to make something other than typical home furniture and is full of geeky wooden contraptions, such as the laptop table, an adding machine, or a phone case made of wood.


    9. Steve Ramsey

    Steve Ramsey, also known by the channel name Woodworking for Mere Mortals, is a very entertaining woodworker to watch. There’s a big community of users around this channel, and because of that a lot of information floating around. The design isn’t the best of those on this list, but it may be one of the most instructive. He also really engages his viewers in his projects which is exciting, and will often post things that are fun or engaging, not all about projects.


    10. I Like To Make Stuff

    This channel, simply called I Like To Make Stuff, is all about tinkering around in the work shop and trying different things, from working on a controlled dust collection to building bookcases with secret doors. This channel is all about coming up with cool ideas for building stuff and then showing the process behind making it happen. If you want to be inspired for your next project, or you just like seeing inventors at work and the creative process behind their ideas, this is the right channel for you.


    11. Drunken Woodworker

    This woodworker has extremely high standards for his work, loves to share his craft with others and explain how to make different objects, and also happens to really enjoy his beer. Many people will relate to these videos for these reasons and he is very popular. His approach to woodworking is very accessible and easy to understand for all viewers, and he comes up with amazing finished products, curved inlays, and more. Drunken Woodworker.


    12. Brian Oltrogge

    Brian Oltrogge Channel. This addition on our list comes from Johnny Elkstrom, a popular lifestyle editor at 1 Day 2 Write and Next Coursework. An ardent supporter of Brian Oltrogge’s work, Elkstrom says that “this guy isn’t limited to just woodworking, but all kinds of DIY work. If your interests expand beyond woodworking to metal work, leather work, casting and 3D printing, this is the channel for you. Brian Oltrogge is a genius when it comes to make prototypes then build something.”


    13. Darbin Orvar

    Linn’s channel, unlike others on this list, is more focused on industrial projects although she does a mix of everything. Quality work is very important to her so none of the videos have any short cuts. She has videos showing projects ranging from tool boxes to knives, lamps, note books, or iPhone cases. This is definitely the channel to watch for inspiration as there is such a wide diversity of projects showcased here.


    14. Chris Salomone

    This highly understated channel has produced some absolutely magnificent projects, and all the videos are narrated and full of important details, including how to choose products to the right methods to use when making your project. You definitely won’t be confused or left wanting after watching his work.


    15. Get Hands Dirty

    Another female woodworker, Cristiana from Portugal, is a must-watch artist on YouTube. She has such a wide range of DIY projects including tech, woodwork, and metalwork. This is the place to check out to see true innovation and creation at work. You’ll see that her favorite project is one that creates an exciting and different solution to everyday problems that people have.


    16. Ishitani Furniture

    This channel showcases absolutely mind-blowing levels of craftsmanship by hand, without tools. This woodworker’s shop, methods, and his personal flair and style all capture the old-fashioned method of hand crafting pieces. Everything he does shows his love and respect for the craft, down to his beautiful and immaculate shop.


    17. April Wilkerson

    This step-by-step channel is the one to follow when you have some major home improvement projects on your to-do list, as she will explain how to get through them one step at a time to avoid overwhelming viewers. She’s a great host and there’s no shortage of projects and inspiration on this platform.


    18. The Samurai Carpenter

    Arts blogger Jonathan Thureau, well known for his articles at Write My X and Brit Student, his favorite YouTube woodworking channel is the Samurai Carpenter. As Thureau shares, “this woodworker mostly creates wood projects but will also sometimes release something showing stone or metal work which is also high quality. This is a great channel for getting new ideas for interesting projects like wooden phone cases or other little wooden gadgets.”


    19. KRTWOOD

    This man is more than a woodworker, he’s a pure artist. He is a professional woodworker by trade, but this channel is all about his personal projects which he does on the side for fun. The videos are a bit more difficult than others to follow if you’re a beginner, but it’s worth subscribing simply for the fun and wonder of seeing what he’s able to create and give you something to aspire to.


    20. Izzy Swan

    Izzy Swan is more of an inventor than a woodworker, and his channel is absolutely mesmerising to watch as his projects come to life before your very eyes. Although some of the videos just show the progress of his creation, many of them are step by step guides that anyone can follow along with. Subscribe to this one channel right away.



    There are so many DIY videos and woodworking tutorials on YouTube, some of which are also incredible, but we couldn’t mention them all here, so we had to choose our 20 favorite artists. Carpentry and woodworking videos are the best way to truly see the different opportunities that exist with wood. Until social media and YouTube, craftsmanship and woodworking was a dying art, but now people can document and share the amazing creations that they make. Whether you’re interested in learning how to make a wooden iPhone case, a canoe, new furniture for your home, or you just want to watch artists at work, these YouTube channels are the perfect place to start!


    About the Author

    Joel Syder, an all-around handyman, writes for Dissertation Help and PhD Kingdom. He loves writing about his creations to help others tune in to their artistic side and sharing his latest project ideas. You can find more of his work at Academic Brits.

    Cover Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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  • Introducing Purpleheart & Curly Maple Real Wooden Phone Cases (Fresh & Unique)

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    INTRODUCING Purpleheart & Curly Maple  Wooden Phone Cases

    Introducing Purpleheart and Curly Maple Wooden Cases for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Phones

    New, real wood phone cases built from the most beautiful (and sustainable) wood species on earth.

    Purpleheart Really is Purple

    Purpleheart wood comes from South and Central America, and it really is even more deep purple that it looks in the picture. A truly stunning wood species. 

    When freshly cut the heartwood of Purpleheart is a grayish/purplish brown. After exposure to oxygen, the wood becomes a deeper eggplant purple. With further age and exposure to UV light, the wood can becomes a dark brown with a strong hints of purple. WUDN cases will minimize this longer-term color-shift as we treat the wood with a UV inhibiting finish. It’s like sunscreen for your phone case.

    Purpleheart wooden iphone case

    Curly Maple Literally Shimmers in the Light

    Curly Maple is not a species of wood, but the most famous grain variations of the maple heartwood that is prized as one of the best wood types for the creation of musical instruments (most notably guitars, violins and other string instruments). Curly Maple on the back of your iPhone is as beautiful as it is unique.

    Curly Maple wooden iphone case

    Curly maple grain delivers a fascinating pattern that creates the interesting illusion of a three-dimensional pattern. The grain appears to curl along the length of the entire case. The exact reason for the irregular growth of fiber cells inside maple tree’s heartwood is not currently well understood.

    The 3D-like effect of curly maple is known as “figure”, and it represents a distortion that is perpendicular to the grain’s direction.

    Curly Maple 3D Figures Shimmer in the Sun

    The grain of maple achieves this effect because the fiber cells that grow from the depths of its root to the tops of its canopy twists and turns as it grows, creating a wave-like effect that can be exaggerated in the finished lumber if it is cut in a certain way. The most common way of achieving this stunning grain pattern is by processing maple lumber with the quartersawn tool.



    Some Wooden Style

    Real wood phone cases deliver style, class and elegance. You need to be (at least a little bit) different. Purple Heart and Curly Maple certainly don’t define your character, but it’s a far walk to the “plastic” junk at the kiosk in the mall.

    Get Yours Today

    Wooden iPhone Cases in Purpleheart & Curly Maple by WUDNWooden Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases in Purpleheart & Curly Maple by WUDNCustomizable Wooden iPhone Cases in Purpleheart & Curly Maple by WUDNCustomizable Wooden Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases in Purpleheart & Curly Maple by WUDN

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  • Real Wood Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, S10 and S10 Plus Have Arrived

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    Real Wood Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, S10 and S10 Plus Have Arrived

    Real Wood Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, S10 and S10 Plus Have Arrived - See more at: https://www.shopwudn.com/blogs/news#sthash.R7wQuYdz.dpuf

    The four basic wood options are complete. For all of our other designs, we are working on adding the images as quickly as possible. See something you want, but the options is not there yet, that's OK. shoot us a note to info@shopwudn, and we will build it for you. 

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  • Talented Artists Help WUDN Make Beautiful Giftcards

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    Gift cards are ugly. Can we help make them slightly better? And show off some beautiful art from under-appreciated artists while we're at it? We thought so.

    We’re highlighting the work of some amazing artists this week. Of course we’re selling WUDN Gift Cards for Father’s Day at the same time. Who wouldn’t? You know Dad wants one, and behind every gift card is am amazing image taken by the talented photographers on Unsplash. Today’s image is some gorgeous beach in Australia by Josh Spires. Enjoy. 

    Josh Spires - Perth, Western Australia Some phenomenally beautiful coastline. By Josh Spires - Perth, Western Australia 


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  • Latest Trends In Sunglasses 2019

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    When buying sunglasses, especially online, there are few things you should always consider. According to your needs, you will want to look closely at the lens, frame types, shape and color, material, functionality (i.e. for sport, fashion or as a recording pen and others), sleekness or weight, UV protection and so on. Having known all these, the next thing you’ll do is to find which design that best fits your style, so let’s quickly see some 2019 designs!

    1. The Best Sport Sunglasses

    The use of Sunglasses is drifting in so many diverse ways, and sunglasses has always been a choice for Sports people, so if you want to buy a pair, there’s no reason for you not to pick out the Wraparound shades available in different colors, more fashionable and non-tech sunshades. The wraparound panes found in sport glasses is what portray them, also you’ll want to considering if it’s a double or single lens, whether it’s a full frame or half frame. One of the best brands you’ll find out there include the ‘Ray-ban’ sunglasses – known for its sporty aesthetics, the ‘Oakley’ brand is known for its high performance; mostly used by extreme sports men and women, other trending designs worth mentioned  include the ‘Rudy Project Rydon’ and ‘Nike Vaporwing Elite’.

    1. Trending Stylish Sunglasses For Women

    Most women are interested in fashion, therefore they like style, and so there are a lot of sunglasses out there that can protect harmful ultraviolet rays in hot weather and still complement a casual look, helping women look stylish in any situation. The most fashionable and trendy styles in vogue include the versatile tear drop shaped Aviators sunglasses – compatible with classic outfits, beach wears, simple but stylish wears. Also the “Cat’s eye” sunglasses mostly worn for romantic outlook, swim suits, and evening dresses for special occasions is another top trend, others include “Butterfly sunglasses”, that looks like the cat shape available in different frame materials, Brownline sunglasses made by Kylie Jenner and Round sunglasses by Rita Ora is also worth mentioning in this cadre.

    1. Tech-enabled Sunglasses

    Yes, some Sunglasses today do have a kind of smart technology connected to them, this category of sunglasses is commonly picked by those who want to be fashionable while still leveraging on the uses of these technologies available in them, also prior to a probable need for professional use cases as we’ve seen especially with home security personnel. The smart glasses which at times can be worn as spy glasses that is worth mentioning include the Zungle Viper Smart Sunglasses, Google Glass Explorer Edition XE-C 2.0, WISEUP 16GB 1920 x 1080P, Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and some few others. These glasses are capable of doing things like listening to music, make phone calls, take photo shots, video recording, send SMS and receive alerts with the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sensors and wireless speakers incorporated in them. Some of these glasses may tend to be bulky though, but it still serves as a must have for some.

    1. Coolest Sunglasses For Men

    When it comes to Sunglasses designs, Men will always opt for bold fashionable pairs, which add to their personality. Most of these glasses though; does have a protection against damaging UV rays, and a list of such pairs you’ll want to buy include the “Aviators sunglasses”- majorly for oval faced men, “Wood frame sunglasses”- either in rectangle or square form and mostly worn by youngsters, can blend with any party attire. Also the “Geometric men’s sunglasses”- intriguing and comes in different diagonal shapes ranging from hexagonal, decagonal and octagonal shapes, you can even request for a customized shape if you want. Others worth mention include the Ford Henry men's sunglasses, Hugo Boss Men's sunglasses, Ray-Ban Aviator Metal sunglasses.

    1. Best Sunglasses For Kids

    Kids are not to be left out of fashion, in fact, every kid deserves a pair of sunglasses, as they seem to love them and take it along with them anywhere they go to. There are designs worn by boys and preferred options for girls also, though the JUNiA POW trending sunglasses for kids is a unisex fashionable pair that comes in black, white and red colors, offering a 100% UV protection, and just as they are durable, they are also stylish. Since most trending sunglasses for kids do have a 100% UV protection, others in the ranking of styles should include the “Babiators sunglasses”- worn by kids from the age of 1 – 12 years old, and they also come in size ranges of 0 – 2, 3 – 5, and 6 + respectively. Other trending sunglasses you can also buy for your kids include “Oakley youth collections”, “J – Banz dual color frames” and the “Kushies Sunglasses” that is great for newborn babies.

    Learn more at Zetronix

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    Junaid Ali Qureshi  Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech , Elabelz.com , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing. 

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