About the Yoga Collection Creator: Jaimeleigh Christian, Owner & VP Business Development - Since 2000, Jaimeleigh has embarked on the journey of sharing yoga with her students and community. She began her practice in the 1990's; with the wonderful guidance of her many teachers, she is devoted to bringing out the best in her students. Her inner-focused teaching style emphasizes the importance of clear intention, physical alignment, and directing the breath to balance the energies of the mind, body, and spirit. She is devoted to helping her students develop their practice, deepen their spiritual pursuits, and helping them become successful yogis. She has studied, and teaches a multitude of styles of yoga not limited to: Ariel Yoga, Multidimensional Vinyasa, Yoga basics, Yoga For Cancer, Yoga for Kids, Yin, Hatha, Yoga Nidra and her Restatha™ Flow. Additionally, she is a meditation teacher- teaching both; guided privates or group meditation. 
She is continuously seeking additional education and has studied at Chopra Center University. To Jaimeleigh; yoga, perfect health and wellness, is truly making an emotional and gratifying connection to the physical body to bring forth calmness and balance in the whole system. She is dedicated to all things yoga, wellness and nutrition; where people fall deeply in love with themselves, their lifestyle. habits, and their practice. Where yoga, wellness and perfect health through food, meditation and yoga, becomes their way of life naturally.

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