American Flag Wooden Business Card Holder

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Handmade Wood + Steel American Flag Business Card Holder

Impress potential investors, clients and other professionals with a one-of-a-kind wood business card holder from WUDN. Made to order from the finest, hand selected woods available, each one of our slim and stylish wooden business card features a stainless steel body and real wood finish for premium quality & design. Whether you put it in your wallet or in your pocket, our wood business card holder will help secure all of your business and credit cards without any of the bulk. Each wood business card holder is handmade from locally sourced wood, hand selected by our team for premium cuts and quality.

  1. Walnut

  2. Mahogany

  3. Bamboo

  4. Aromatic Cedar

Durability Meets Style

The super sleek, super durable stainless steel bodied design of our wood business card holders are as tough as the trees that were cut from.

Super sleek, super lightweight design that minimizes the bulk

No one likes bulky pockets. Get rid of the clutter and keep all of your cards neatly organized without adding any bulk with your own wooden business card holder from WUDN.

Laser engraved American flag on rich mahogany business card holder, case, wallet

Trees clean our air, give us shade, and provide us with delicious food.. That's why for every tree that gives it's life for our products we will plant one 1 for 1.

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