The Greatest Resin & Wood Projects (with an insane number of images)

by Cameron Christian
The Greatest Resin & Wood Projects (with an insane number of images)

The Greatest Resin & Wood Projects

(with an insane number of pictures)

Combining epoxy and wood results in some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories ever. There are craftsmen (and probably women both) making some truly gorgeous artwork. This article provides some of the best examples of wood & resin art we have seen on the interwebs along with some how-to pointers and guides sprinkled throughout. Read on intrepid artist: 

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January 2021
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Cameron Christian, Senior Contributor
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Resin Art is the Most Beautiful Art. (Prove Me Wrong)

Epoxy and Resin Artwork offers a massive variety of different possibilities. Just think of all these projects: jewelry, coasters, phone cases, trays, geode art, resin knifes, surfboards, ashtrays, card holders, moulding with wood, cutting and ocean waves to river table tops or countertops! Amazing.

Resin art is getting more popular every day. The look of resin artwork is truly unique. The luminosity, clarity, and depth of various shades and brilliance. Many artists use color additives and pigments mixed with the resin to create  a brilliant and marbled look.

DIY Resin And Wood Coasters

From Sam, the DIY Huntress, comes this fantastic tutorial on really beautiful handmade resin & wood coasters.


What the Hell is Epoxy?

Basically it's plastic but more specifically, Epoxy resin or resin is a two-component material that cures within a few hours of the components being mixed, and can then be cut, ground, and polished.

Resin and wood table with beauty of the ocean

Artist Bottles the Beauty of the Ocean in Completely Unique Wood and Resin Pieces

Talented artists continue to explore the creative possibilities of resin. This malleable material resembles the qualities of glass but offers more durability and wear. Maryland-based artist Rachel Walker-Hook of Chessie Goes Wild Art combines epoxy resin with wood to create unique pieces inspired by the ocean.

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Are All Epoxy(s) the Same?

After curing the resin, there can be a huge difference in surface hardness. Some products are rather soft, other products are resistant to scratches and temperature. For everyday objects such as cutting boards, tabletops, and other items that are exposed to high mechanical stress, it is worth buying a higher quality resin.

Resin and wood lamp

The Coolest Resin & Wood Desk Lamp I Could Find

I want one of these sitting my my nightstand. Sooo cool looking. Even at ~$150, shut up and take my money. Combining the blue resin with real wood and a built-in light is it's purpose in the universe.

PS. We don't make a penny off these links. I really do think this lamp is badass. 

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DIY Resin & Wood Desk Lamp (You Can Build This)

This project is for beginners. Straight to the video.

DIY Resin and Wood Wall Art (& Hidden Key Storage)

Another from DIY Huntress: "I created an epoxy resin and wood art piece that doubles as a secret magnetic key holder!"

This one is very cool, and I want it hanging right by the front door. 


10 Amazing Epoxy Resin and Wood DIY Woodworking Projects

From the ubiquitous River Table to a Killer Skateboard, this video has it all. It's really just 15 minutes of resin porn. Enjoy. 

The music is super-annoying though. Best enjoyed on mute. 

Resin and wood table

Black Forest Wood Company

The team at Black Forest makes some of the most incredible resin and wood products I have seen, from a $16,000 cabinet to this magnificent dining table, these guys are off the hook.

the Table Gallery

What the Hell is Epoxy? More details for the geeks:

Epoxy resin, or two-part epoxy, is a hard composite that is made when an epoxide and polyamine are combined. The epoxide is the foundational base of the composite, while the polyamine is the hardening substance. When the two viscous solutions are combined, they chemically bond together to create a solid clear glasslike compound.

Resin and wood iphone case for iphone 11 in deep sea green

Resin & Wood iPhone Cases from WUDN

Inspired by the magical places where land meets ocean, the Coastline Collection of Resin & Wood iPhone Cases by WUDN, capture the beauty and magic of this art form so you can carry it with you every day.

Available in Deep Sea Green, Diver's Blue and Arctic White

Photo Credit: Jesse Torres Photography

Shop the Coastline Collection

Preparing Your Resin & Wood Project

I have no idea what you plan to build, but there are some rules that apply to everything. Clean it and dry it. Seriously, this is probably the most important tip I can give you.

Dry it completely with time (most important) or a heat gun to speed up the process. The larger the piece of wood you are working with, the longer it will take to dry completely.

Remove dust from the surface with vacuum cleaner and/or tack cloth. After you carefully cleaned the surface, do not touch it. Even, small amounts of dust and oil from your hands will contaminate the surface.

Resin and wood bowl

How To Make a Resin and Wood Segmented Bowl

The bowl is beautiful, but this project requires a lathe - like everyone has one of those laying around the garage, but this is a pretty cool project nonetheless.

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How To Get the Bubbles Out of Your Resin Pour

Use a blow torch to remove bubbles from the epoxy after it is poured.

Resin and wood table

4 Epoxy Resin Wood Projects to Try This Weekend

River tables are all the rage right now. You can create a truly amazing tabletop using epoxy and some uniquely cut boards. Boards that have knots, holes, or are rough cut are ideal for this project, as they will add character. Some bark on the edges can also add to the overall look. You want two boards with an uneven cut on one side, and straight cuts on the others. Also, it is good to create a frame to hold them in place while pouring the epoxy.

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How To Start Building Your Woodworking Skills

Resin and wood table

50 Epoxy Resin Wood Table Ideas

Because these tables are very modern but at the same time extremely noble and high quality. In addition, they are real eye-chatterers and exude an exotic beauty. Most importantly, the combination of wood and mostly colored resin creates a very exciting contrast in the Epoxy River Tables, which makes them extremely appealing to most people.

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Finishing & Polishing Your Resin & Wood Project

Finishing your resin and wood projects is a long-form blog post all on it's own. So we found one. We researched the hell out of those and came up with his one: Finishing & Polishing Your Resin & Wood Project

Resin and wood necklace

Resin and wood Artwork on ETSY

Ready to shop. ETSY is probably the best place to peruse resin and wood projects. Most are made by small artisans, by hand, and include just about every possible product you can imagine.


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