2021-02-19 WUDN 5-Things

by Cameron Christian
2021-02-19 WUDN 5-Things
Chloe, Senior Contributor WUDN Customer Service, and a massive Apple geek

Friday February 19, 2021 - Edition 02
(Probably some Style, Food, Liquor, Tech, and the Outdoors)
Cameron Christian, Owner, WUDN
Bad golf, good wine, and a little travel 

Probably some style, tech, food, liquor and the outdoors.

What If a Needle Hits the Ocean at the Speed of Light?

Well 99.999% the speed of light. If you have 1% geek in your blood, this is a must-watch. Let's learn something. Watch Now>>



Yes, we're starting at Voodoo Doughnuts, because I say so. And, yes, there are sloths. Read On>>

Dirty Cheeseburger in the frosty forest 🔥 ASMR cooking


Chicken Alfredo, scratch noodles, all by the fire, yep. Don't tempt me to go camping with snow still on the ground. Cook This>>

Make a gin Martini, the dry way—with no advice from Bond

The Best Movies of 2021 (So Far)

The year might be young, but it has already provided some great films for you to stream right now. We’ve already been blessed with a handful of great fiction and non-fiction efforts, including a star-studded period piece, two mesmerizing documentaries, and a Mexican thriller that seems destined to remain near the top of this list for the foreseeable future. It may be cold and the pandemic may still be raging, but these features suggest that it won’t be a long cinematic winter. Read On>>

Make a gin Martini, the dry way—with no advice from Bond

For those who know... The "New California Republic" is Here. Laser engraved from gorgeous American Cherry. Shop Now>>


Cool Shot by Simon Marsault 🇫🇷 on Unsplash

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