We Bought it, Now We Have to Run it


Tyson in the new shop, getting ready to make some stuff

Tyson, our Production Manager, in the Shop getting ready to make some stuff. 


We did it. The purchase is complete and after a couple grueling weeks everything is up and running. (My apologies to any customers who's order was delayed).

The prior owners were great. Lots of email and late night phone calls. Ray from Rabbit Laser cam to town for three hectic days of Laser machine installation and training. And my ever patient wife organized about a thousand boxes of inventory and packing material.

Now comes the hard part: building great products and delighting customers with a great experience. For now, the focus stays on building beautiful, sustainable, real wood iPhone cases, wood Samsung phone cases, wood iPhone battery cases, wood sunglasses, custom bar accessories and more. 

One of the first orders of business is building out our custom order capabilities. Trying to keep it simple. Pick a product and send us a black and white JPG to engrave on the back. Should be pretty straightforward and a $10 premium for custom laser engraved products seems reasonable.

You have an idea for a new product line we should consider, have a question or just want to chat? Drop us a line at info@shopwudn.com.  

Thanks for being a customer. 

The WUDN Team

About the Author:

Cameron Christian Owner, President-CEO. After 25 Years in the corporate world, I am creating my own destiny. I bought the business, so we can continue delighting our customers with real wood products that are beautiful and functional. Follow us on Instagram or email me at Cameron.christian@shopwudn.com.   

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