The New Seattle Skyline Traveler Wooden iPhone Case


We’re excited to introduce the newest wooden iPhone case in our lineup: the Seattle Skyline Traveler, featuring downtown Seattle and the space needle in caramelized bamboo, Mt. Rainier in aromatic cedar and the sky in gorgeous black walnut.

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We lived in Seattle for almost 5-years and loved every bit of it. Dinner was in downtown, and camping trips were straight to the Olympic National Forest, along the most magnificent coastline I have seen. Don’t even ask me about the San Juan’s – Friday Harbor by Ferry is shockingly beautiful and probably our favorite trip ever. And I know it’s cliché, but we would take the girls to Pike’s Market on fall weekends just for the fish and the flowers. We love the Emerald City and we were inspired to build a phone case that would constantly remind us of the beauty in this amazing place.

We don’t need to write much original content about Seattle; it’s such a great city that others have already written everything you may want to know. If you have 10-minutes to spare, take a look at our favorite articles and collections. You just might find yourself booking a ticket.

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Have more Seattle guides and tips? Comment below. We will post and answer every one, that isn’t crazy spam.

It’s a new case, and were happy to say, we have a new model supporting the just announced iPhone Xs. We will add the Xr and Xs Max soon. Check out our post on the newest iPhones for updates.

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