• We Bought it, Now We Have to Run it

    We Bought it, Now We Have to Run it
    Tyson, our Production Manager, in the Shop getting ready to make some stuff.    We did it. The purchase is complete and after a couple grueling weeks everything is up and running. (My apologies to any customers who's order was delayed). The prior owners were great. Lots of email and late night phone calls. Ray from Rabbit Laser cam to town for three hectic days...
  • We're Celebrating Fall at WUDN

    We're Celebrating Fall at WUDN
    The year is winding down, but our fall sale is just getting started. Seriously, I am sick of the sun; ready for some overcast and cold mornings. Maybe my 6 years in S. California is responsible for this feeling, but either way, I am ready. But now we have moved to Hidden Springs, Idaho and will get all four seasons. So, of course, let's...
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