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When buying sunglasses, especially online, there are few things you should always consider. According to your needs, you will want to look closely at the lens, frame types, shape and color, material, functionality (i.e. for sport, fashion or as a recording pen and others), sleekness or weight, UV protection and so on. Having known all these, the next thing you’ll do is to find which design that best fits your style, so let’s quickly see some 2019 designs!

  1. The Best Sport Sunglasses

The use of Sunglasses is drifting in so many diverse ways, and sunglasses has always been a choice for Sports people, so if you want to buy a pair, there’s no reason for you not to pick out the Wraparound shades available in different colors, more fashionable and non-tech sunshades. The wraparound panes found in sport glasses is what portray them, also you’ll want to considering if it’s a double or single lens, whether it’s a full frame or half frame. One of the best brands you’ll find out there include the ‘Ray-ban’ sunglasses – known for its sporty aesthetics, the ‘Oakley’ brand is known for its high performance; mostly used by extreme sports men and women, other trending designs worth mentioned  include the ‘Rudy Project Rydon’ and ‘Nike Vaporwing Elite’.

  1. Trending Stylish Sunglasses For Women

Most women are interested in fashion, therefore they like style, and so there are a lot of sunglasses out there that can protect harmful ultraviolet rays in hot weather and still complement a casual look, helping women look stylish in any situation. The most fashionable and trendy styles in vogue include the versatile tear drop shaped Aviators sunglasses – compatible with classic outfits, beach wears, simple but stylish wears. Also the “Cat’s eye” sunglasses mostly worn for romantic outlook, swim suits, and evening dresses for special occasions is another top trend, others include “Butterfly sunglasses”, that looks like the cat shape available in different frame materials, Brownline sunglasses made by Kylie Jenner and Round sunglasses by Rita Ora is also worth mentioning in this cadre.

  1. Tech-enabled Sunglasses

Yes, some Sunglasses today do have a kind of smart technology connected to them, this category of sunglasses is commonly picked by those who want to be fashionable while still leveraging on the uses of these technologies available in them, also prior to a probable need for professional use cases as we’ve seen especially with home security personnel. The smart glasses which at times can be worn as spy glasses that is worth mentioning include the Zungle Viper Smart Sunglasses, Google Glass Explorer Edition XE-C 2.0, WISEUP 16GB 1920 x 1080P, Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and some few others. These glasses are capable of doing things like listening to music, make phone calls, take photo shots, video recording, send SMS and receive alerts with the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sensors and wireless speakers incorporated in them. Some of these glasses may tend to be bulky though, but it still serves as a must have for some.

  1. Coolest Sunglasses For Men

When it comes to Sunglasses designs, Men will always opt for bold fashionable pairs, which add to their personality. Most of these glasses though; does have a protection against damaging UV rays, and a list of such pairs you’ll want to buy include the “Aviators sunglasses”- majorly for oval faced men, “Wood frame sunglasses”- either in rectangle or square form and mostly worn by youngsters, can blend with any party attire. Also the “Geometric men’s sunglasses”- intriguing and comes in different diagonal shapes ranging from hexagonal, decagonal and octagonal shapes, you can even request for a customized shape if you want. Others worth mention include the Ford Henry men's sunglasses, Hugo Boss Men's sunglasses, Ray-Ban Aviator Metal sunglasses.

  1. Best Sunglasses For Kids

Kids are not to be left out of fashion, in fact, every kid deserves a pair of sunglasses, as they seem to love them and take it along with them anywhere they go to. There are designs worn by boys and preferred options for girls also, though the JUNiA POW trending sunglasses for kids is a unisex fashionable pair that comes in black, white and red colors, offering a 100% UV protection, and just as they are durable, they are also stylish. Since most trending sunglasses for kids do have a 100% UV protection, others in the ranking of styles should include the “Babiators sunglasses”- worn by kids from the age of 1 – 12 years old, and they also come in size ranges of 0 – 2, 3 – 5, and 6 + respectively. Other trending sunglasses you can also buy for your kids include “Oakley youth collections”, “J – Banz dual color frames” and the “Kushies Sunglasses” that is great for newborn babies.

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