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Why we love the Sawtooth Mountains.

How to get there. 

Places to stay. 

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It’s not often we are truly inspired by a place. The Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho is one of those places. Part of the Rocky Mountains in central Idaho reaching 10,751 feet at the summit of Thompson Peak. With over 400 natural glacial lakes, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is 756 thousand acres of scenic mountain country and includes over 700 miles of trails, 40 peaks rising over 10,000 feet and more than 300 high mountain lakes that add to the spectacular scenery and vistas.

The Sawtooths are one of the few places in the US you can really call "deep in the back-country". Camping, hiking, whitewater rafting, skiing, photography or drinking by the fire, all without hordes of people, this is the place.  

Sawtooth Mountain in Idaho

9,860 ft. McGown Peak Reflects its beauty in Stanley Lake's morning light.
Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho - photograph by Ed Riche

Not far from Sun Valley, and not surprisingly, this striking mountain landscape was a favorite playground of Ernest Hemingway, who is buried in the Ketchum area. I don’t know how Hemingway felt, but this is one of the few places in the world that feels spiritual to me. I spent countless Christmas’s in Sun Valley and summers at Redfish Lake Lodge not far from the Sawtooth’s signature Thompson Peak.

Thompson's Peak in the Sawtooth Wilderness

This is not Vail or Aspen, these places are still unspoiled. I know some of the Hollywood elite make their home in Sun Valley, but Stanley, Redfish Lake and even Ketchum are still accessible, affordable, and reasonably priced.

My memories at Redfish Lake include renting a canoe at the Lodge for $10 and spending an entire summer afternoon fishing for trout, or the brown bear standing between me and breakfast one morning; he was more concerned with the contents of a garbage can, but still. And if you're heading to the Sun Valley area instead, say Hi to the bartender at whiskey Jacque's for me (He'll remember). 

My idea of fun is a warm cabin, a little fishing and some Whiskey from a handmade flask. Maybe you're blessed with way more energy than me. If so, here is a list of the 10 easiest peaks to summit in the Sawtooth's

Need Some Expert Help?

Sawtooth Mountain Guides, sawtooth mountain adventures, stanley idaho, wooden sawtooth mountain phone case.  Sawtooth Mountain Guides are your experts for climbing, hiking, backcountry skiing, and avalanche education near Stanley, Sun Valley, and Boise. Come experience the scenic Sawtooths and let us lead you on the perfect mountain adventure!

How to get there:

Heading to Redfish Lake

To get there from Boise, take Idaho 21 North for 133 miles, and run right into Redfish Lake Rd. from there its 3 min to the lodge.

Heading to Sun Valley / Ketchum

To get there from Boise, take I-84 East 41 mi. to Exit 95 towards Fairfield, turn left on US-20 E for 82 mi., turn left again on State Hwy 75 N. for 26 mi. 

The Path Less Traveled

If you're feeling adventurous or you "Must Have" the more scenic route, take Hwy 21 to Stanley and Hwy 75 into Sun Valley the back way. It will add an hour to your trip, but it will be a glorious hour of the most pristine wilderness you have ever seen.

Two ways to the Sawtooth's  

We honor our Idaho history and roots with this one of a kind design wooden phone case in Black Walnut and Carmalized Bamboo.

We're proud of our backyard and I get it's just a phone case, but everyday, our phones become more than just a device - in some ways, they represent who we are and serve as an expression of our style. It's a small thing, but my style includes showing off the natural beauty of central Idaho with a real wood phone case; some natural protection that complements the modern. 

How to get one:

The Sawtooth Mountains Traveler phone case is available for the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, and Plus models, and Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, and Note 8. You can also visit our custom page (specify “Sawtooth Mountains” on your order) and have this gorgeous wood inlay applied to a Journal, Mousepad or Flask.

Carry the beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains in your pocket:  



Where to Stay:

Sawtooth Hotel Stanley Sawtooth Hotel in Stanley

Redfish Lake Lodge Redfish Lake Lodge

Redwood Cabins Redwood Cabins

Smiley Creek Lodge Smiley Creek Lodge

And you will like this article (with tons of pictures) from our friends at BretEdge Photography. Trip Report Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains

Or check out the Sawtooth Adventure Bundle for a Traveler Phone Case and Matching portable charger for iPhone and Android phones. 

Have a Sawtooth Story? Post it in the comments below. 


  • Posted on by Custom Timber Homes

    The Sawtooth Mountains are one of my favorite places! What a great case to bring a little bit of that beauty everywhere I go.

  • Posted on by Jimmy Hay Smith

    I love this Sawtooth Mountains case on my new X. I love it even more, when I am actually in the Sawtooth Mountains. Thanks.

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