6 Ways to Boost the Resale Value of Your Phone


New phones are expensive. Do we even need to talk about the $1000 plus price ta of a new iPhone X. Even the Samsung Galaxy S9 will go for almost $900. But here’s the secret trick – you don’t have to spend full price on a new phone every year, you can get  a new one deeply discounted by trading in your old phone. But this strategy won’t work if your phone is banged up, scratched or otherwise broken. It needs to be in almost pristine condition. So, here are 6 ways to keep your phone looking great – to maximize your resale value:

broken iphone - maximize the resale value of your phone

Tip 6 – Get a Screen Protector for the Front (and for the Back)

Glass screen protector - maximize the resale value of your phone

There are plenty of reasonable priced screen protectors available. Make sure you get  a real glass screen protector and not the cheap plastic ones. Many screen protectors come in pack’s of two – perfect for applying the second one to the back of your phone. So what if it has a little hole for the home button – it will still do the job.

Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6, 7, 8 & 6, 7, 8 Plus

Tip 5 – Use a Battery Case or Wireless Charging to Protect Your Lightning Port

Qi wireless charging - maximize the resale value of your phone

There is nothing worse than a broken or damaged lightning port. Pretty much impossible to fix, and the more you use the port (plugging and unplugging charging cables) the more likely you are to break it. A battery charging cases plugs into your lightning port once and stays plugged in. If you do damage the port, it’s the port on the $50 battery case not your $900 iPhone.

iPhone Battery Charging Cases

(Upgraded) Galaxy S7 Battery Case, Trianium Atomic Pro Charging Battery Pack for Samsung S7 - 4500mAh Extended Battery Fast Charger [Quick Charge Pass Thru] Protective Case Power Pack Juice Bank

Don’t like the weight of a battery case but still want to protect your lightning port? Use the wireless charging features now included on many phone models. You will need a newer model iPhone 8, 8P or X or a Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, LG, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, and Motorola phones that support Qi wireless charge standard.

Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone 8, 8P, X and All Phones that Support Qi

Tip 4 – Get a Great Case

This one is a no brainer. You need a great case to protect your phone. Broken screens and busted corners are non-starters if you want to sell your phone for top dollar. Obviously, you have thousands of choices for a new case – I hope you get something with a little style.

Wooden Slim Cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Tip 3 – Keep the Box

Whats in the box - maximize the resale value of your phone

Don’t throw away the box, the instructions, or the extra charger. Even better, use the charger and headphones you already have – that way the box, accessories and cables will be in pristine condition. Next to the condition of your phone, this one tip will add $100 or more to your resale value.

Tip 2 – Sell It to Someone You Know

Forget about E-Bay – way too much hassle to list it and deal with all the fees E-Bay will pile on. Just make a nice Facebook post with lot’s of pictures and sell it to someone you know. Much better, faster and you will probably get paid in cash.

Tip 1 – Jailbreak Your Phone

This one is a little tougher, but if you can jailbreak your phone and protect the “unlocked” ability to connect to any carrier, your phone will be worth a premium. Sounds complicated right – it’s really not that hard. Take a look at a couple of guides to easily jailbreak your iPhone:

How To Jailbreak Your Phone

I hope you manage to get a new iPhone X for almost nothing (because your 7 Plus was in such great shape). Thanks for reading and please share this below. 

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