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Chloe, Senior Contributor WUDN Customer Service, and a massive Apple geek

October 2020
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Chloe, Senior Contributor & Kung-Fu Level Custom 
WUDN Customer Service, and a massive Apple geek 

April 2022

iPhone 15 rumor just gave me a big reason to skip iPhone 14

iPhone 15's periscope zoom camera now looks very likely

The possibility of an iPhone 14 periscope telephoto camera is slipping away according to the latest rumors, but if you're prepared to wait a year for the iPhone 15, you may finally be able to get the zoom power you're after. Apple is believed to have made a deal with a new parts supplier to provide periscope camera parts for the iPhone 15 and beyond, according to The Elec.

Korean company Jahwa Electronics has announced it was investing around $155 million into opening new facilities to build optical image stabilization (OIS) actuators, the part of the camera that keeps the lens steady to limit shaking in images and video. Based on the fact that Apple paid the company a visit last year, the size of the investment and Apple's usual insistence on exclusive facilities for its components, The Elec reports that it's a strong possibility that this investment is being made for parts for iPhones.

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iPhone 15 rumor just gave me a big reason to skip iPhone 14

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