Oversize Wood Mousepad with 15 watt Wireless Fast Charger

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Oversize Wood Mousepad with 15 watt Wireless Fast Charger

Perfect for your home office. Add a touch of elegant wood with the oversize mousepad and integrated wireless fast charger. Fast charging power at your fingertips; never search for another messy cable, your phone will be charged and ready when you are. The oversize mousepad is natural (sustainable) real wood and provides a perfect surface for your old-school rollerball or new optical mouse. Add some functional beauty to your dreary workspace.

The WUDN Wooden Wireless Fast Charging Mouse Pad is thin, beautiful and functional. Delivers fast charge standard at 15 watts for wireless charging to any compatible device including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Motorola Droid, Nokia, HTC, Huawei, LG & More

  • Qi Fast Charge Standard at 15 watts output power
  • Charges your AirPods 
  • Available in American Cherry, Mahogany, Black Walnut, Aromatic Cedar or Caramelized Bamboo
  • Thinnest Wireless Fast Charging Mousepad Available, only 6.5 mm thick



Oversize Wood Mousepad with 10 watt Qi Wireless Fast Charger

Wooden Qi Fast Charging Mousepad Features:

  • FASTEST: WUDN Qi Wireless Fast Charging mousepad supports “Qi Fast Charge Standard” 9-volt 1-amp (15 watt) output, providing much faster charging than 5V chargers. Fast Charge improves charging time by 40%

  • BEAUTIFUL REAL WOOD - Made with real, sustainably sourced wood; every mousepad will have unique grain and each one will be different

  • NONSTICK BASE: It will look beautiful, add real functionality, and with our Sure Grip nonstick base, the mousepad will be solid and stable on your desk. 

  • THINNEST Wireless Fast Charger Available: only 6.5 mm. 

  • HANDCRAFTED by WUDN in Hidden Springs, Idaho, USA. Unique, handmade, handcrafted, authentic and natural wood finish

Oversize Wood Mousepad with 10 watt Qi Wireless Fast Charger
Customize your Qi Wireless Charging Wooden Mousepad


The WUDN Qi Fast Charger is truly fast. Here are the specs:

  • Fast charge input: 9.0V, 2.0A -- output: 9.0V, 1.0-1.5A (Max)
  • Universal input: 5.0V, 1.0-2.0A -- output: 5.0V, 1.0-1.5A (Max)
  • Transmission distance: < 8mm (works with most phone cases including thick ones)
  • Size: 12" x 8" x 6.5 (mm) 
  • Certifications: FCC, RoHS, CE
  • Packaging and Contents: 1 X QI Wireless Fast Charging Mousepad, 1 X Wireless Charging Cable (Micro USB Port) 3 ft., 1 X Instructions

Trees clean our air, give us shade, and provide us with delicious food.. That's why for every tree that gives it's life for our products we will plant one 1 for 1.

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Heavier fonts tend to work better for laser engraving, and while black walnut is beautiful, it’s also very dark and laser engravings can be difficult to see. The other wood options (Mahogany, Cherry, Bamboo, Cedar, Purple Heart or Maple) tend to display the engravings much more clearly.

We snap a quick potato-quality picture of everything coming off the custom production line. Take a look.

Natural Wood Finish

We apply one light layer of polyurethane to our wood products, before they are laser cut, engraved, cleaned and packaged for you. No additional chemicals or treatments are added. Your wood is left in (as close to) a natural state as possible. Unlike plastic or even glass, your wood product will get better looking with age. Every scratch, scuff and dent will add character and uniqueness. (If you came to WUDN looking for Piano Finish Lacquer, you're in the wrong place).

If you need to clean your wood product, just wipe down with a damp cloth. Something stickier? Use a mild soap (hand soap works well) or rubbing alcohol (spray it on the cloth first). If you want to accelerate the aging process, rub in some bees wax (my favorite) or Linseed, tung, refined hemp, soy, or walnut oil, all penetrate, harden and preserve wood.

More about: Cleaning & Caring for Your Wooden iPhone Case in the Age of COVID-19

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Sustainability is in our Blood

Our Promise: Sustainably Sourced Wood, No Exceptions: We purchase wood products and wood veneer only from FSC certified suppliers. The Forest Stewardship Council promotes environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests. When managed well, wood is the most sustainable building material on earth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Toni Koelpin
A little rough

The wood was a bit less finished than I would have liked and there was a weird line through our logo. We've loved other versions of this same product we've ordered- perhaps just not in the black walnut

Excellent product & service

Cameron and team were incredibly helpful and very responsive to my questrions.. Great quality product -logo engraving along with name personalization for each was well done.

Great Product & Customer Service

This is a gorgeous product that we produced for a client. Cameron was incredibly helpful and very responsive to my questions. The final results were beautiful - thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Frank B
This thing is huge

I have a really nice walnut desk in my home office, and I wanted a mousepad to match - something more elegant than black fabric. This mousepad fit the bill perfectly. It's beautiful and totally functional, larger than I expected and charges my iPhone 11 perfectly. These guys hit it out of the park.

Tressa McLaughlin


Of course, the chargers require a compatible phone. For iPhones, this is model iPhone 8 or newer. And for Samsung Galaxy models S6 or newer.

Make sure the Qi Charger is plugged into a powerful enough USB wall charger. These are fast chargers and require at least 5 volts / 2 amps. Usually called Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0. Many older (or cheaper) wall chargers are not powerful enough to properly power the device. Most USB ports on laptops do not provide sufficient power.

Only applies to the circular charger, and No. It doesn't turn off. These are more suitable for the office desk than the night stand.

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